How To Join

Step 1: register an account on the site.

Step 2: request elevation to applicant access level.

Step 3: Copy the template into a new entry, and fill in your character information.

<span class="ast">Name:</span> Character name
<span class="ast">Species:</span> Human, Were or Lizard
<span class="ast">Magic Specialty:</span> Are you magical?
<span class="ast">Affiliation:</span> Tribe or Culture
<!--more--><span class="ast">Description:</span> What does your character look like?
<span class="ast">History:</span> Tell us about them.

Step 4: Staff will either approve or pend your application.

Step 5: If approved, you will be promoted to the player access level. If pended, please review feedback and make necessary changes.

Step 6: …?

Step 7: P R O F I T !