Players earn $_gameCurrency a number of ways:

  1. Make at least one post during a month, earn $_stipend.
  2. Make at least $_extra posts a month, earn $_bonus.
  3. For each player who names you as a referral and makes at least one post within their first month, you earn a one time $_refBonus.
  4. Contribute at least one post to the site plot in a month, earn $_plotBonus.
  5. Place $_ads ads in a month, earn $_adBonus. This item will not be researched by staff and can only be collected if players self-report with links to their ads.

$_gameCurrency will be tallied and awarded once a month. Players who take the time to proactively tally their qualifying activity within the first three days of the next month, including links to posts, and emailing $_staffEmail, may receive a bonus for making staff’s lives easier.

Store Items

Clockwork Dragon Upgrades
Players can get a small clockwork dragon that is imbued with a techno-magic AI by writing with $_RuneShopkeep and/or $_DKShopkeep. This dragon costs nothing in $_gameCurrency, but is simply decorative and amusing. Upgrades can be purchased that give it special traits. Upgrades can be purchased at any time, except for the size upgrade which must be purchased at time of the acquisition post.

  • Intelligence $_cost – The standard AI that comes with the dragon is on par with a cat or dog, capable of learning basic commands like stay, sit, heel. Upgrade the intelligence, and it is capable of more involved tasks such as herding animals and small children, recognizing specific items to retrieve, or simple speech.
  • Size $_cost – The basic clockwork dragon is similar in size to a house cat, and can carry small things such as keys, coin purse, and single items of clothing. Purchase this upgrade at the same time you’re writing your post to get your dragon, and it can be the size of a small to medium sized dog and increase in carry capacity to include larger things such as backpacks and small saddle bags, or a small child or pet. If you wish for your dragon to be smaller than a house cat, this must be decided at acquisition, and its size can not be increased later.
  • Fire $_cost – This upgrade will give the clockwork dragon the ability to create a small flame from it’s mouth, size on par with the flame of a typical lighter.
  • Navigation $_cost – This upgrade will allow your clockwork dragon to assist with navigation tasks. It will always be able to tell you what direction is north, and will be able to guide you to locations it has visited previously.
  • Flight $_cost – This upgrade gives your dragon wings, and makes it capable of flight.
Custom Clockwork Creature – Starting at $_1yearWorthofStipend
Tell us what you’re interesting in having, and we’ll discuss cost and capability.
Authority Figure Positions
Players can have one authority figure position for free, up to a minor position within government or leader of a smallish group (eg. a mayor/leader of a small village or group up to $_smGroup, a bureaucrat in a city, etc). Additional and higher positions can be purchased, cost depends upon the position, the area of influence, and requires a degree of activity to maintain. If you fail to keep your character active, things may happen in character to remove them from their position and you won’t be refunded your $_gameCurrency.

  • Standard $_cost – like the free starting authority figure position, this will give you a leadership position for a group/village of $_smGroup people or less, or a minor government position.
  • Bigger $_cost – This will give you a position up to mayor of a city, a respectable position within a country’s government, or a title inherited or given by a monarch.
  • High $_cost – The sky’s the limit. Want to run a country as an elected official, a monarch (or one of their heirs), or a dictator? This is the role for you.
Lizard or Were-People Characters
Players are allowed unlimited human characters, though staff reserve the right to remove apps that have no associated posts within six months of posting, and are allowed one each of a basic lizard and were-people character type for free. Specialized versions of each, as well as additional beyond the first of each are available for purchase.

  • Basic $_cost – This will give you an additional Were-person or Lizard person character like the free starting ones.
  • Rare $_cost – Some species of were or lizard are uncomon, be it because their particular race is just uncommon, or they do not typically interact with the greater population.
Featured in Site Plot – $_cost
You want to be the center of attention? We’ll put one or more of your characters right in the middle of a site wide plot. You will also be able to make requests about the nature of the plot. Please be aware that if you purchase this item, then go inactive for a month or more without contact, we reserve the right to write the plot around your missing characters in order to avoid leaving other people who’ve invested in your plot hanging.
Vehicles, Boats & Aircraft
Within reason, most characters will be able to acquire land or water based vehicles that will carry one to four people at a time without spending $_gameCurrency. If you wish for your character to have something capable of flight, or of conveying more than four people at a time, please purchase that here. You may combine any of the following traits for your purchased vehicle.

  • Flight $_cost – with or without propellers or motors, this will give you a vehicle that is capable of achieving flight. Without any other traits purchased, this will be a single or dual occupancy aircraft.
  • Shelter $_cost – this will make your vehicle a home, be it a trailer, a house boat or something else. It will include the basic needs for shelter, such as a place to sleep, a place to prep meals, and a place to store the daily necessities of life.
  • Large $_cost – This will make your vehicle capable of carrying more people that the standard capacity, such as a bus that’ll hold thirty-something people, an airship that’ll convey passengers on a trip of a day or less, or a ship that’ll take a crew out for a day’s fishing. Combine with the shelter trait to get a vehicle capable of being out to sea or in the air for longer periods than a day or two.
  • Defenses Adds extra materials to the outside to protect against being shot at or impacting with something else, as well as adds weapons such as cannons, guns, etc.