Lizard People

This will have information on lizard people society, culture, and traits.

Quick-and-dirty notes:

  • Lizard people have eked out an existence among humans for the majority of human history.
  • They age more slowly than humans. (possibly about half speed? i.e. double lifespan)
  • They practice an alchemical form of magic, even before the crash.
  • This magic allows them to create transmutation talismans that, when worn, allow them to pass as human. However, wearing these talismans accelerates their aging to a human rate:
    • wear one full time, and you’ll only live one human lifetime
    • never wear one, you’ll live about twice as long
    • wear it half the time and you’ll live roughly 4/3 as long as a typical human. (that’s how the math works, I promise)